Conan Mercer Applied Scientist

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My Expertise

I am a Chemistry Ph.D now travelling the path of a Computer Scientist. I apply fundamental scientific methods to solve technology problems in next generation businesses. Lately I have been immersed in test engineering, helping to build a great SaaS company at Sage, the world's largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software to small businesses. I have over 5 year’s experience in the management of international technology projects of a complex nature. I have strong technical abilities in Data Science that includes Python programming. During my Ph.D I acquired solid skills in data science, public speaking and project management. I have a proven ability to apply the latest research and techniques to solve a variety of scientific problems.


My main development languages are Python, C# and C++. I use Visual Studio Code as my main integrated development environment

Data Science

I use Python and PostgreSQL as my main data science languages. I use Scikit-learn, Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy and Seaborn libraries to see and understand predictions, outliers, and patterns in data. I use PostgreSQL for handling databases


Published first author of numerous scientific research. Adept with technical writing and data presentation, going from initial ideas to beautifully typeset documents and presentations